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Keeping Last-Minute Holiday Spending Under Control

TaxCredits. net by Keith Klein


With all merriment of the fast-approaching holidays, it’s easy to let the last minute shopping get away from you. You’ve seen the footage on the news.and even been in the middle of it. You stood in the lines, and circled the parking lots for that elusive spot. Holiday shopping can be downright madness at times; in fact, you don't need to even get in your car and go to the mall to feel the pressure and urges, a half hour with your laptop or tablet can put you in the same frame of mind.

5 Ways to Attain True Financial Grit

True Grits.jpg


– by Keith Klein


It’s 10pm and I walked into my son’s room to find him completely frustrated by his Algebra homework. “I keep getting the wrong answer, Dad.” Although he really wanted a high grade on the following Friday’s quiz, he was ready to give up.  So, I sat down with him and we started over – from scratch. He stuck with it, and the next thing we knew, the light bulb switched on, and it was easy. He will always remember FOIL.

On my way to bed that night, I thought about the hard lessons that I have learned in my life, and wondered: if everything came easily to me, what would my life look like today? Trials, hardships and the struggle to remain true to ourselves can be the grit that polishes us.

Dr. Angela Duckworth from the University of Pennsylvania has been studying the concept of Grit.  She defines Grit as “the tendency to sustain interest in and effort toward very long-term goals.”  

Black Friday and Falling Prices

targetcarts.jpgAn article on Marketwatch caught my eye this week, see below, as we are heading into Thanksgiving – the traditional start of the Holiday retail boom.  Rex Nutting did a great job in laying out where the economy is this month.  It really helps to put a perspective on the prices that we will be paying for our holiday gifts this year.

If you can remember World War II, and have an IRA, it’s time to take your RMD!

Iwo Jima Stamp.jpg


by Keith Klein

Did you know that owners of traditional IRAs who are in their seventies have mandatory annual withdrawals from those IRAs by December 31 of each year? And guess what: Taking the withdrawal on time  saves the traditional IRA owner from a tax penalty equal to 50% of the required withdrawal amount.

Helping our aging parents [VIDEO] Financial EDU

5 Tips to Tax-Savvy Investing

pen 3.jpg




By Keith Klein

It’s not enough, these days, for your investment portfolio to create a return. A solid portfolio should also help protect your working capital by minimizing the effects of taxes on your income and gains.  By incorporating tax-saving strategies into your investment plan, you can preserve your capital and stay up-to-date. 

The War for Your Wallet - Wants versus Needs

Is Long Term Care Insurance Dead?

Fountain pen repeat sm.jpg


by Keith Klein

The sales of long-term care insurance care insurance have dipped in recent years, leading many to question the reasoning behind this trend. After all, the probability of needing some sort of long term care, whether the care would take place in a traditional nursing home, or more modern varieties such as alternative day care or living facilities, is over 50% for a couple.  

5 Unexpected Steps to Maximize the Value of your Business, Sell and Retire

5 steps.jpgby Keith Klein

Most entrepreneurs perceive a financial conundrum as their business goes through the business life-cycle: from start-up to the ultimate transition or sale of the business and retirement: 

Should I be saving for retirement and protecting my family OR is my money better spent by reinvesting in my business?

5 reasons retirement planning is tougher for women

women.jpgBy Maryalene LaPonsie | Money Rates Columnist

With Keith Klein

The gender pay gap has garnered all sorts of media and legislative attention, prompting marches, committee hearings and petitions to Washington. There is even an Equal Pay Day (it was April 8 this year) to mark how far into the new year females must work to earn as much as men did the previous year.

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