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When will you reach your next Turning Pointe?


The 5 Types of Financial Records: Creating Order from Chaos

clock.jpgby Keith Klein


My own Turning Pointe: The need for an independent platform

road.jpgby Keith Klein

In 2011, after more than 15 years as a financial service advisor, I reached my Turning Pointe.  It had become clear to me that the best way to provide unbiased solutions to my clients was to do it from a platform that would always put their needs first.


Millennials and Their Money - Wheelbarrows of Cash?

How to Start a New Business in Phoenix, Arizona


By Katie Truesdell

with quotation from Keith Klein

Will you marry me? 5 Tips for a Financially Healthy Engagement

engagement ring (1).jpg

by Keith Klein

A darkened restaurant, a man in a tuxedo, a woman in a white evening gown… the champagne is uncorked.  He reaches in to his pocket and pulls out a blue Tiffany box.  Pan to a close-up of the box opening to reveal a huge diamond on a platinum band.  Her gloved hand goes to her mouth and tears fill her eyes in complete shock and delight.

Downsized to Delighted: 5 Steps to Making Silk Purses from the Sow’s Ear of Forced Retirement

Downsized to Delighted:

5 Steps to Making Silk Purses from the Sow’s Ear of Forced Retirement

pigs with big earsby Keith Klein

If your retirement plans did not necessarily include early retirement, but you received a termination letter, you’re not alone. In 2011, 2012, and 2013 the Employee Benefit Research Institute saw the number of people retiring earlier than planned outpaced those who retired as planned, or later than planned.

Regardless of whether your early retirement is a result of corporate downsizing, redundancy cut-backs, health or family reasons, here is a strategy to help you move forward with a happy retirement.

Educate teens on the importance creating and following a budget

Teen Financial Education.jpgEducate teens on the importance creating and following a budget

by Keith Klein

The current economic environment has caused many families to reconsider their savings and budgets, with some seeing the need for drastic changes. For instance, as their high school students approach college, many families realize that belts need to be tightened in order for their savings to fully fund the upcoming college tuition, books and other expenses, in addition to rising family expenses.

Video on Budgeting and Relationships



Help! My Parents are Overspending!


By Gerri Detweiler

It’s been decades since your parents taught you about spending and saving, and now their behavior makes you wonder if they’ve forgotten everything they taught you. And yet they might see your questioning as an intrusion. What’s a perplexed adult child to do?

Financial planner Keith Klein, of Turning Pointe Financial Management in Phoenix, says he’s seen it before, and most changes in spending can be traced to one of two things. The happier one is a “bout of euphoria.”


Is This The Time To Buy Dividend-Paying Stocks?

nasdaq logo.jpgby Margaret Price for Investors Business Daily via NASDAQ

John Meredith is sure hot on dividend-payers. This year, the retired electronics engineer bought shares in seven dividend-paying companies:AT&T ( T ),Chevron ( CVX ),Cisco Systems ,Coca-Cola ,General Electric ,McDonald's andProcter & Gamble.

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