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Defining a Recession

My blog articles generally aren't "too technical" in nature.  I've recently had a conversation with an older gentleman that felt we were headed for a recession soon.  Therefore, I thought others may be interested in a primer so to speak of what a recession is and if one is imminent.

2018 Christmas Dinner & Movie

We had so much fun at our Christmas event. We had food, prizes and our feature presentation The Bishop's Wife! Cheryl did a great job organizing the event, and she even brought in a bishop. Imagine that, our very own bishop for the night. Tasha Leatherman captured the fun and excitement with her slide show!



Winning it all with the amazing power of ‘Who Luck’

By Jeff Bernier

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon (and with the search for a new strategic assistant on my to-do list!), I’ve been thinking a lot about luck. More specifically, I’ve been pondering the amazing power of ‘Who Luck’.

Being Financially Responsible in Your 20's

Your 20’s are downright confusing. You’re in college, you’re getting ready to leave college. Maybe you’re headed to Grad School, or maybe you’re being thrown out into the real world to find a job and start paying bills and taxes and apartment shopping to get out of your parent’s house. Let’s face it.

Buying Ourselves the Gift of Time

Most adults are increasingly experiencing a time crunch. The result is mounting stress and compromised health and vitality. And yet, despite their best efforts, many individuals express frustration about not being able to bring tasks to completion or having enough time to focus on what or who is most important to them.

Scientists have even coined the term “time famine” to describe the pervasive feeling of being overwhelmed with the demands of work and life. Studies have shown that people who frequently feel they “don’t have enough time” (time scarcity) are less happy and more prone to anxiety and depression than people who report feeling time affluent. In addition, public health researchers have ranked time stress as one of the most important social trends underlying rising rates of obesity.

How to apply for a mortgage: Your 4-step guide

A 4-step guide on how to get a mortgage

Applying for a home loan is the first step to take when getting serious about buying a home. It will help you understand how much house you truly can afford. Get ready for the application process by gathering your financial info, finding a lender to work with, and getting pre-approved.

Forty years ago, the 401k as we know it was born.

Forty years ago, the 401k as we know it was born.

According to the Investment Company Institute, more than $5 trillion (with a "T") sits in these accounts of over 55 million participants.

401k's have become a staple of saving for retirement.Don't get me wrong, they work well for those that do two things:

Planning for Long Term Care

As we age, the odds of incurring an injury or major illness that will prevent us from performing simple daily functions increase substantially. Today, one in three people over the age of 65 will require assisted care of some sort. Past age 75 the odds increase to where one in two will need nursing care.

Renter's Insurance

There were 43 million renters in the U.S. in 2017, the highest number of renters in the last 50 years.  Yet according to the Insurance Information Institute, only 37 percent of those currently renting have renters insurance, leaving 27.1 million renters without protection should catastrophe strike.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Has Changed 529s

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, characterized as the first major reform of the Internal Revenue Code in 31 years, brings a lot of changes to individuals and businesses alike. The legislation slashes the top corporate tax rate to 21 percent, lowers the top marginal rate for individual taxpayers to 37 percent, eliminates or scales back several popular deductions, reduces taxes on business income earned by pass-through businesses, doubles the estate tax exemption, and substantially enhances immediate expensing of capital investments. It also impacts how families save for college—especially with respect to 529 plans. But there are some details still being worked out.

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