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When will you reach your next Turning Pointe?


Strong Dollar- What's That?

image by Omer Wazir Keith Klein


You may have heard that the dollar is “strong” right now. You may have also heard that a strong dollar amounts to a headwind against commodities and stocks.

The One Sure-Fire Way to Know the Best Time to Sell Your Business

When is the best time to sell your business?


In a recent article for Inc. Magazine, 5 Numbers That Can Predict the Perfect Time to Sell Your Company, John Warrillow makes the point that using external, or macroeconomic conditions to gauge the optimal timing of the sale of your business may be a mistake, and he proposes improving five internal metrics in order to maximize the value of your business.

I believe that this article is very valuable not only in terms of helping to determine the optimal time to sell your business, but also to help improve the overall value of your business.

My own Turning Pointe: The need for an independent platform

road.jpgby Keith Klein

In 2011, after more than 15 years as a financial service advisor, I reached my Turning Pointe.  It had become clear to me that the best way to provide unbiased solutions to my clients was to do it from a platform that would always put their needs first.


Why Women Just Might Save the Middle Class

A woman’s role is becoming increasing more important, not just to their families, but to our county as a whole.
Turning Pointe Wealth Mangement understands the needs of successful working women.

Why women just might save the middle class

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  • Think You Know Enough to Retire?

    thumb_Nest Eggs.jpg

    by Keith Klein


    Think You're Ready to Retire? Grab a Pencil.

    If you're stumped by basic questions about nest eggs, life expectancy, health care and more, your later years may not be as good as you hope

    This is an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal, By Glenn Ruffenach printed Oct. 25, 2013.  The test here is for general concepts and may not address your specific retirement needs.  Have some fun with this and  see how you do.  I'll be posting the other parts of the quiz each week. Come back and see what the next section is and how you do on it!


    The sky is falling? What does the Government shutdown mean to me?

    We have just completed our fourth day of the government shutdown and we have seen the market drop about 1% yesterday.  Now, some of my clients believe that the government runs better now than it did last week (ha, ha) but there is reason to reflect.  As you think about your personal situation I would like to share a few thoughts of my own.

    Social Security Says Goodbye to Paper Checks

    Social Security Says Goodbye to Paper Checks

    If you get Social Security payments by mail, what are your options?

    The Sequester Looms

    The Sequester Looms

    If federal budget cuts occur March 1, how might they be felt economically?

    Understanding the Sequester


    You may have heard the term "Sequester" in the news lately when talking about the federal budget.  But what does it mean?

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