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Scaling the financial wellness ladder to the top is one of the most challenging phases in life. We all should navigate this phase. When it comes to financial planning, it is an excellent idea to go for a professional advisor to help you formulate a well outlined Executive Benefits Plan. The plan enables you to plan how you want to live your life and keeps you aligned with your goals.

You need an Executive Benefits Plan to help you to:

  • Overcome any financial challenges
  • Grow your investment portfolio
  • Safeguard your cumulative wealth
  • Prepare your retirement benefits
  • Setting up your long term customized financial strategy
  • Promoting your financial, emotional, and physical well-being

Formulating an Executive Benefits Plan lets you live life on your terms. The benefits of this plan are outrageous, so you should formulate it, take control, free yourself and live the life you want. A dedicated professional advisor can help you make the benefits plan that makes your future life desirable.

Since financial well-being impacts your entire life, relatives, friends, and your freedom, a professional advisor secures your future life and the financial well-being of your loved ones, your close allies, and even your future generations. Professional advisors help you with:

Lifelong financial advice. You will get advice throughout your lifelong financial decision.

Wealth management guidance. Based on your specific needs, you get customized wealth management techniques.

Financial value. You get the financial value that helps you get to the top.

First, you should understand your unique targets and then formulate that diversified investment strategy to help you attain your target. Furthermore, you should follow the law requirements when defining your Executive Benefits Plan. Since we all live in different states, different laws regulate how we make our benefits plan. Always follow the requirements of the law within your state.

Professional advisors help you plan for your financial wellness and help you scale the financial wellness landscape. Their years of experience and knowledge of the law make them the perfect choice to help you decide on your best transactions. Seek their help in creating strategies tailored to your specific goals and needs and get help in formulating your future Executive benefit plan.

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How do I keep and retain key employees?

The loss of an employee is damaging to the development of any business. It not only leads to a reduction in productivity but it is also costly. You should keep and maintain key employees and prevent a high rate of employee turnover to retain a successful team. First, evaluate the business and figure out why employees are leaving. Set up flexible work options, set up employee support, communicate your financial vision to employees, and involve employees in decision-making. This helps you keep and retain key employees.

  • Tax Saving options beyond 401(k)
  • The 401(k)-savings option sponsored by employers is a highly rated top retirement savings account that enables you to save for retirement and lowers your taxable income before you are paid. Well, you should know that if you do not have a 401 (k), you can start saving in other tax-advantaged accounts. These other tax saving options beyond 401(k) include the traditional IRA, Roth IRAs, or a taxable brokerage account like health savings accounts.

How do I pass on my business to key employees?

Passing on your business to key employees is an exciting way to exit the front running of the business. Passing on your business is usually a reward to crucial employees, and it acts as compensation or an incentive to stay with the company or join the company. Doing it involves evaluating the business and then either selling equity or giving equity from the owner or company. The evaluation of the business is quite challenging since you may not get the full value of the business.

Working with a professional advisor

Working with a professional advisor

Do not go about this process alone. Please seek the advice of our knowledgeable, professional advisors to help you review your financial options. At Turning Pointe Wealth Management, our professional advisors use the highly effective five-step process. 

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