Transparency:  We will be transparent, clear and honest with you in all communications regarding our process, compensation and companies we work with.

Communication: We will take the time you need to discuss all questions, concerns and ideas that you have. 

Action: We will present options and provide clear advice for what we believe are your best choices based on your goals, and outline a time frame to take action.

Transitional Wealth Planning

Our Wealth Management Team specializes in providing services to individuals and families with assets in one of the following life transitions:

  • Retirement – Assist clients to stack income sources to meet retirement needs, and how to leave a legacy to loved ones or charitable interest
  • Business Owners – Coordinate various professionals to manage before, during, and after a business liquidation or sale
  • Change in Marital Status – Assist to understand the financial impacts of a settlement agreement, and how to protect and grow their assets
  • Inheritance – Identify what actions you may need to take, what to expect, and strategies for handling your inherited assets.
  • Sale of Real Estate – Assist to understand the financial impacts of a potential sale or exchange of real property
  • Job/Career Transition – Aggregation of retirement accounts and investment management needs

We help you navigate through these transitional periods with our knowledge, experience, and integrity.


Neither Sagepoint Financial, Inc. nor its representatives provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax or legal professional.