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What Is An Insurance Review?

  • An assessment of your current and future needs.
  • A detailed summary of your existing policies including Ownership, Beneficiaries and Values.
  • Projections of existing policies reflecting estimated future premiums and values. Note that you may have the option to make changes to your existing policies without incurring any adverse taxation to yourself or your estate.
  • A current evaluation of your health and lifestyle habits. This is another way that it may be possible to improve your existing policy and save money.
  • Recommendations to bring your current policies back into line with your goals.
  • Review restructuring strategies such as consolidations, face amount decreases or change of ownership.
  • A current market study to determine if the existing policies are competitively priced.
  • Ongoing Service Plan including:
    • annual policy reviews
    • future actionable items (conversions, distributions, policy changes)
    • complete market studies at least every 5 years

This process is an integral part to your overall Financial Plan, creating and maintaining clear and objective assessments for today and to support your financial, estate and family care goals, into the future.

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