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Keith Klein

Keith Klein


There’s been turning points in all of Keith’s life that has brought him to the financial services business. Losing his mother in his early 20’s, Keith had been on track to become an actuary, with his love of numbers. Stepping up into a leadership role at this young age, Keith became a kind of second parent to his then 9 year-old brother. Having come from a long line of educators and learning the financial impact of losing a parent, his passion became clear and he came to another turning point, to have a career in serving and educating others.

Keith originally started in the insurance business in 1992 as an intern with one of the strongest insurance companies in the country. As an intern, he worked with mentors that had backgrounds in insurance, investments, tax and law. This planted the seed of valuing the opportunities to work with experts in all these fields and as an experienced financial advisor; he continues to build on these relationships to create the best result possible for his clients.

A graduate of Eastern Michigan University with BS in Economics, Keith is a student of the industry. He has honed and broadened his skills to make him unique among his peers. In addition to being a Registered Investment Advisor, he has also completed some of the most rigorous certifications that the industry has to offer: ChFC® (Chartered Financial Consultant), CLU® (Charter Life Underwriter), CFP® (Certified Financial Planner), and most recently the CASL® (Chartered Advisor for Senior Living). These designations are not just book learning, the substance of the certifications are applied to the business to bring real world, practical solutions to people that want to solve problems.



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